Saturday, January 20, 2018

Homework 1/22-1/26

 *We are starting cursive this week, so there will be cursive spalding homework coming home. Please help your child practice proper letter formation and have them take their time. Also note, spalding test scores tend to go down at the beginning of cursive - don't be alarmed!

**Math this week will not be in the workbook, but rather individual worksheets sent home daily. We will pick back up in the workbook next week when we begin multiplication and division by 4's. Please do not have your child complete workbook pages that have not been assigned as homework - we are purposefully saving them for a later time.

-Spalding 10 words
-Subtraction HW 1 WS

-Subtraction HW 2 WS

-Subtraction HW 3 WS

-Subtraction HW 4 WS

-Subtraction HW 5 WS

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Homework 1/16-1/20

-Spalding (5words) breakfast, chance, climb, coffee, color
-Mental Math Strategies 2 WS

-Spalding (5 words) contains, daily, day, eagle, fancy
-Mental Math Strategies 3 WS

-Spalding (all words)
-Mental Math Strategies 4 Ws

-Mental Math Strategies 5 WS

*Fluency and Comprehension MAY or MAY NOT come home this week.


This week's focus skills are Mental Math Addition Strategies

  • Adding 2 digit numbers
  • Add by making tens/making hundreds
  • Adding a number close to 100
  • Add by place value
If your child brings their textbook home, please know it is useful with homework and how to echo the in-class instruction with our unit "the mental math concepts." Use Textbook pgs 14-16 this week to assist if you see the textbook come home. Please send the textbook back to school with them (*the Textbook looks similar to the workbook)

A skill to focus on with your child at home: "Making Ten" 
  • They need to be able to be given any one digit number and know what to add to that number to make ten. 
  • This will greatly help them in further grades adding ALL NUMBERS. 
  • Once they know how to "Make Ten" we can dive into mental math deeper - asking the student - if you have 23 what is the next ten?  ---- 30. Good, if 30 is the next ten, how many more do we need to make the ones (3) another ten? Or, what do I add to 3 to make 10. They will be able to say 7 if they know their "making ten" facts.
  • When given problems like, 27+5 They won't have to use their fingers. They will know that 27 is close to the next ten, 30 and will see that they have 3 inside of 5. So they break apart 5 to be 3 and 2 and get 30 then add the remaining part, 2.  ---- 32.

  • It all starts with your child being able to make 10. Miss Bisbee and I are quizzing them everyday upon entering the classroom, using every minute! Please encourage them to practice. 
    • Idea: Make flash cards with index cards. Some kiddos already made this in our class when given the challenge. Others created them for their doubles facts (1+1, 2+2, 3+3 etc)

Language Arts:
  • Our Next Poem "Bed in Summer" came home Friday, to be presented 2/5
  • Spelling words: This week there will be 10 words for the spelling test. Please note: Moving forward your child will be assessed on 14-16 words a week as we transition to cursive in future weeks. Please know, it is very normal for second graders' cursive weekly spelling grade scores to drop on their Friday assessments during this transition. 
  • Little House in the Big Woods chapts 2-3
Writing: Letter to King George to align with history (opinion piece), descriptive paragraph, chapter refection brochure
Grammar: Prepositions, Prepositional phrases, object of the preposition

  • Important Leaders 
    • George Washington, Ben Franklin, James Madison

  •  Articles of Confederation 
    • Purpose of The Articles of Confederation

      •  One right the articles gave to each colony
      • Why the colonies would want a stronger central government. 
  • Shays Rebellion 
    • Cause, Importance 
  •  Constitutional Convention & The Great Compromise 
    • Describe, importance

  • The earth rotates around an axis 
  • The earth revolves around the sun  
  • The earth's axis is tilted and this is what creates seasons
    • Vocabulary: 
      • Axis - a straight line around which a body rotates (the invisible line around which the earth spins) 
      • Orbit - a path in space along which one celestial body revolves around another (the earth's path around the sun) 
      • Revolve - to move in an orbit 
      • Rotate - to spin around an axis

Thursday, January 11, 2018


We are currently in a difficult unit in math (mental math), so I want to extend an invitation to tutoring for any students who feel they need/want to come to tutoring.

I will have an additional tutoring time this Friday, January 11th at 7:15am.

My regular hours are Tuesday 3:35-4:15pm and Thursday 7:15-7:45am

You do not need to sign up for tutoring, however it helps me prepare if you send a quick email or remind text that your child will be coming!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Homework this week

 Here is the homework for this week, should your child forget to bring home their agenda. Please note additional reminders and homework may be written in the agenda throughout the week, so be sure to still use the agenda as the guide for nightly homework.

-No math

- Math WB pg 7-8

-Comprehension + questions
- Math WB pg 9-10

-Math WB pg 11-12

-Math WB pg 13-14


 Welcome Back! Happy New Year! 
Thank you so much for taking time to attend conferences. Partnering with you this year for your child's good and growth is a beautiful thing and I am thankful for the time Thursday and Friday! 
If you have any feedback for Miss Bisbee or I, please know it is welcomed!

 Diving Right In!

  • American History Overview (Columbus-->Declaration) before diving in deeply
  • Our next unit is "The Earth's Seasons" focusing on the why's behind them!
Reminder: The Simple Machine Project (Part 4 and the machine itself are due Monday 1/8/18
  • "Museum Walk Wednesday"
    We are planning to host a "Museum Walk" of all the Simple Machines on Wednesday.  We will have the Simple Machines set up in the courtyard area and parents will be invited to walk through our museum and admire everyone's work. (We are trying to figure out the timing so students can attend with their parents). At the end of the museum time parents can take the projects home with them.  I am working with our class liaisons to arrange our Museum Day.  Please keep an eye out for future email about this event! I know the children are excited to share their projects!
Please note: Comprehension homework next week is level S for every child because of the book's content. This week's book introduces the author's backstory for our next piece of literature. Please offer your child extra support in reading if this Homework level (S) is challenging 
  • Cursive will be taught this quarter! The scholars are so excited.  Please take time each evening to reinforce correct handwriting formation. The expectation is that all letters/phonograms are formed correctly to prepare them for the transition to cursive 
  • Writing- Parts of a Paragraph Review "My Winter Break" 
  • Grammar- We can now classify sentences that have a subject noun, verb, adverbs, and adjectives. Before moving on, we will be adding to our classification rhetoric the following phrases, designed to help us understand the sentence more:  
    • “Period, statement, declarative sentence” 
    • “Go back to the verb. Divide the complete subject from the complete predicate” 
    • “Underline the complete subject once and the complete predicate twice.”  

Please send in "Little House in the Big Woods" author: Laura Ingalls Wilder by Tuesday 1/9/18

  • Please note: No Homework Monday for math
Second grade Semester 2 - The new math workbooks will be coming home Tuesday! The next math unit is Missing numbers in addition and subtraction then mental math (please be practicing making ten facts with your child to prepare them for this unit - they should have their math facts memorized 1+9, 2+8, 3+7, 4+6, 5+5, 10+0)
I am looking forward to seeing your children Monday!

Monday, November 27, 2017


A glance at our coming week... 

Olympic Games

The Digestive System (Stomach / Small / Large intestines)

Unit 5
Practice multiplication facts for 2 and 3
Relate division by 2 to multiplication by 2 
Practice division facts for 2 
Relate division by 3 to multiplication by 3 
Solve word problems 

We are starting our new piece of literature this week! Sarah, Plain and Tall
Action item: Please send in Sarah, Plain and Tall Monday or Tuesday! 

Literature- Chapters 1-5 Vocabulary and comprehension practice  
Grammar- Parsing/classifying sentences and plural/singular nouns 
Writing- Writing with ease and Friendly letter writing 
Poem-'Twas the Night Before Christmas
To be recited Friday, December 1st in groups